We aim to provide the highest possible quality of education, and place strong emphasis on the core subjects of English, Maths and Science – essential foundations for future learning.

In addition, we provide a range of subjects relevant to the outside world, such as Thai (language and culture), Music, Art, History, Geography, Design & Technology, ICT (information computer technology) and Physical Education.

The curriculum approaches learning in its widest sense: academic achievement is important and well-structured, but the arts, music, physical development and personal, social and moral education are also given strong emphasis. Children are encouraged to develop their potential to explore and discover the world around them, to think for themselves and form opinions, to relate to others, develop physical skills and take responsibility for their own actions and for the natural environment.

The curriculum and educational practice takes account of the fact that each child has individual learning needs and abilities in different areas of the curriculum. At Si Ri Panya, where children arrive with a range of previous educational experience, we consider this particularly important. The curriculum gives detailed overall expectations for learning at different ages but has the flexibility to ensure that children of high ability are challenged at an appropriate level, and those who find an area more difficult are supported to consolidate learning fully before moving on.

The curriculum in Key Stages 1 and 2 is designed to build on the practical learning of the Foundation Stage (Nursery & Reception classes). At Si Ri Panya many children enter Key Stage 1 without previous formal educational experience. Our teachers are experienced in working with children from many national systems and the support they provide in class enables children with a variety of educational backgrounds to make a smooth transition to successful learning at the appropriate level.

Parents who choose Si Ri Panya for their children can feel safe in the knowledge that their child will be nurtured outside the classroom as much as they will be inside the classroom.

Through our excellent ‘extra-activities’ programme, we will help your child fulfil their potential and become the best version of themselves possible.

Children have the opportunity to take part in a variety of activities which are run by the teaching staff and by specialists. These take place from 3:10pm and vary from term to term.

  • ICT club
    Homework Club
    Running club
    Thai Dancing
    Wing Chun Kung Fu
    Art Club
    Football Club
    Creative Dance-Drama
    Jazz Moves MTV Dance Class
    Conservation & Gardening Club
Children should spend time each evening completing their homework.

Grade 1 = 10 -15 minutes per night
Grade 2 = 15 – 20 minutes per night
Grade 3 = 20 – 25 minutes per night
Grade 4 = 25 – 30 minutes per night
Grade 5 = 30 – 40 minutes per night
Grade 6 = 40 – 50 minutes per night

Some students are very quick at finishing their homework while others take longer, or maybe have extra pieces of work, as unfinished classwork is sent home as additional homework. If you find that your child’s homework is taking longer than the recommended time above, or there is a family event and no time that evening, then just complete what is possible and write a short note to the teacher to explain. Please understand though that what may take 1 hour for some students takes others just 15 minutes.

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