Find out whats been happening… (Issue 14)


Healthy Eating Menu

Our healthy eating initiative is continuing from last term and the new menu items have been well received by children, who on the whole, are making much better food choices at lunchtime.

Staff will continue to be rigorous in their supervision of the children’s food choices, but please join us in reinforcing to the children the importance of healthy, nutritious and well-balanced meals.

Teacher Jessica

Teacher Jessica is a British National and has just finished a year of work in Bangkok teaching at an International School. Prior to this she worked at an English primary school in London.

Teacher Jessica has a background in Drama as well as education and she will be bring lots of fun and expressive elements to her lessons.

Khru Amorad

Khru Amorad Jansiri is is a qualified teacher with a bachelor degree in Primary education for grades 1 to 6 from Songkla Nakarin University and a teaching license from Khrusapha.

Khru Amorad is very excited to meet all the children and parents and be part of their continued success in Thai language learning, and soaring to new heights!

Health and Safety

We have spent a lot of time making sure all children understand the Si Ri Panya rules to stay safe while learning or playing on the premises. These include classroom rules set by their teacher which help to establish a healthy learning environment – such as raising their hand when they have a question or comment. We also have whole school rules for safety in and around the building – such as no running along the path or going behind the building.

All children have been very good at remembering and following the rules and I am pleased to tell you that last week’s fire drill was completed successfully and in good time.

Air-con and Water Bottles

We are delighted to let you know that grade one now has 2 air-con units in their classroom making the room a breezy 26 degrees. Other classrooms now have either 3 or 4 fans and will also have air-con in the future.

Please remember children are encouraged to bring in a water bottle from home for classroom use, which can be refilled at the water fountain during break-times.

Ou New Building!

We are all delighted to have finally moved in our new building and we are all making the most of our shiny bright classrooms.

We also now have a fiber optic cable bring us fast WiFi (50Mb/10Mb) for the whole building!

The garden now has a larger perimeter fence allowing the children plenty of shady play areas under trees and some grass. There is however still lots to do in the garden with more trees to be planted, a perimeter wall and grass for the whole area.

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